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... okay, maybe to the grocery store, but otherwise not.

Current conditions:
Partly Cloudy and Breezy
Humidity: 70 %
Wind Speed: W 23 G 40 MPH
Barometer: 29.80"
Dewpoint: -13°F (-25°C)
Wind Chill: -31°F (-35°C)
Visibility: 4.00 mi.

Hazardous Weather Outlook
Short Term Forecast
Wind Chill Advisory
Winter Storm Warning

Today: Widespread blowing snow and scattered flurries before noon, then widespread blowing snow and a chance of snow showers. Cloudy and cold, with a high near 3. Wind chill values between -25 and -30. Windy, with a west wind around 30 mph, with gusts as high as 40 mph. Chance of precipitation is 50%. Total daytime snow accumulation of less than a half inch possible.

Then again, tomorrow looks to be about the same weather-wise, and I'll be waiting for the bus in it. Bah.

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Jul. 16th, 2008 09:52 pm
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Weather as seen from the bus window on the way home at 4:30 p.m.

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The First Child to Have Three Genetic Parents

In three to five years, a baby will be born with two genetic mothers and one father. This could prove to be a boon for polyamorous families of the future who want to have children with more than two parents. A team of British researchers working with embryos have now perfected the three-parent babymaking technique.


Edited to add... AP Article of above


... waiting for Peter to pick me up at work. Japanese class tonight. Drive home will be interesting and challenging. Work will probably be delayed 2-4 hours tomorrow, but I doubt it will be cancelled. :-\

Weather forecast for 53186

Watches, Warnings & Advisories

Text of above watches and warnings and such )

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Party day!

Jan. 19th, 2008 10:18 am
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Looks can be so deceiving. ... gotta love the super sunny, looks fantastic out, but is actually -8°F (-22°C) with a wind chill of -27°F (-33°C). :-\ Great weekend for a party though... oh, what do you know, we're having one of those. ;}

6:00 pm
Be there/here!

We'll have chili, snacks, and much booze!

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Hmmm... I think that was thunder-snow. :D


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