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This weekend I've worked a LOT on photos/photo stuff. I have cleaned up a lot of my mess on Zenphoto, started to move some of my galleries from the slow software of Gallery 2, and uploaded some images to my Facebook. I have a WHOLE lot more to do, but it's a (massive) start. I've also started uploading some videos to one of my YouTube accounts (yes, I have two accounts due to some confusion with that whole Google account thing). There will be more videos uploaded eventually, too.

... but with the weather being as nice as it is, and a pool shimmering in the backyard, I'm done with uploading and arranging for now. However, as my online "stuff" gets more organized, I become more interested in continuing to organize and use these sites.

So I'll renew my labor on Y!PP (since Three Rings, their sites, and the like were down from Friday until mid-yesterday), eat a little something, take a shower, and jump in the pool! ^_^


The following images were not previously online:

San Francisco 2007
San Francisco 2007

340 photos uploaded, arranged on 19 pages. Our vacation in San Francisco from January 12 through January 17, 2007. It includes a stop in Oakland to visit [ profile] kest, and a stop at Lucky Juju in Alameda. :D

Savage Mardi Gras 2007 :: 2 photos
Jenny Who's Birthday 2005 :: 4 photos
... and a couple more photos were added to the Weather gallery.

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Jan. 16th, 2007 08:32 pm
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Today, in review
* "Early Bird" tour of Alcatraz from Pier 33
* Walked to North Beach / Little Italy and ate at Panta Rei Cafe Restaurant (better than the crappy flash site would lead you to believe; the food was our best overall meal so far~ not that there will be too many more to fight for that title)
* Walked to Broadway and snapped a few photos; hopped on the 15 to ride the F (was on the Milan, Italy tram) until its endpoint in the Castro
* Strolled down Castro; spent some time in a comic store
* Took the F (LA, CA two-tone yellow Streamliner PCC) to Van Ness and then a 47 back to our stop where we could stumble to the hotel
* Enjoyed yet another hot bath :D (<3 baths; feet <3 'em too)

We might go out again tonight, but not sure yet. Horizontalness is always relaxing. :}

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Yesterday we did what was in the "plans" of previous post as well as spent time in the Japanese tea garden.

Today we went on a touristy tourist bus trip, and then spent some time at the aquarium. More detail of our day later because I don't feel like typing now.

[ 34 sec. | 011507-moonjellies.avi (10.8MB) ]
Keep sound off or be warned of random idiot tourist noises while I tried to nab a video of the pretty moon jellies.

Heading out to Hemlock Tavern soonish... after we spend a little more time horizontal. :}

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* (As expected) spent a lot of real-life PoE in Japantown (teesa was in a candy store... literally!)
* Snapped photos and enjoyed b33r and sass-age with ferret and kiii~ =^.^=
* Bathed achey muscles some more; chilled with b33r and me LJ FL in the hotel room

Plans for Today
* Hang out with [ profile] kest on Haight - Ashbury; eat at Massawa :}

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Friday, in short
* Slept in/lounged around until 10 a.m.ish, and went on the hunt for 7-day MUNI passport
* Stopped at nearest small market; purchased coffee, but they were out of passports and sent us 4-5 blocks to a Walgreen's
* Spied a cute, gray keeton in a window; got out camera to snap a photo, but kitty left window after noticing being noticed and therefore no photo (will keep eye on window if we pass again ^_~)
* Arrived at Walgreen's; chugged remaining coffee; purchased gifty for [ profile] casino_queen and a few other things, but they were also out of passports (at least the 7-day ones) and sent us to the ticket booth at Powell and Market
* Snapped photos of cable cars and things along the way; successfully purchased passports; and started the walk back to get breakfast/lunch
* Stopped at a delicious Thai noodle shop at 110 Powell St. ("Bangkok noodles & thai B.B.Q.); smelled so yummy inside; enjoyed tasty Guay Teaw Pad Ki-Maw; [ profile] hellsop mentioned wanting to pick this place up and carrying it home with him; began walk back to hotel
* Picked up a few more things forgotten when we previously stopped at Walgreen's
* Mailed off gifty for [ profile] casino_queen
* Pit-stop at hotel to grab a sweater, hat, and gloves knowing that we would be out until evening
* Walked (limped, gimped, whined due to blister on one heel) to Japantown
* Shopped [purchased yummy mushi (steamed wheat) cakes, including the maccha one I enjoyed with my coffee this morning -- want more!, DVDs, small gifty for another person, a cozy Badtz pillow, and some other things], snapped photos
* Caught a few buses to get to the BART
* Took BART to West Oakland stop to meet with [ profile] kest, but while waiting discovered that Peter's phone was back on central time (probably from when he last used it as a modem to connect to teh internets with his laptop -- I'm using the wired connection), and that we had two hours until we were supposed to meet; decided to take the BART back a stop since there isn't anything at the West Oakland one to occupy ones time
* Wandered around near the Embarcadero stop in an attempt to find a place to eat; lots of big, expensive stores and not much interesting; walked through some of the outdoor mall(s), which was almost like walking in a wind tunnel; found and ate at Pho Hua; tried not to laugh too loud at the lady who came in and said she didn't want to eat the fatty flank (probably because it has the word "fatty" in it :p), tripe, tendon (her spawnling asked about something on the menu and the lady said "I don't want that, that's muscle.")... uhh... "is there just something that is meat?" "meatball and steak" "is that meat?"
* Hopped back on the BART to West Oakland; got stuck under the bay for an extra 15 minutes (they had to turn off power and such to get some "damaged cover boards" off the tracks) -- since we were under the bay, no one had cell coverage and no one could inform friends or family about the delay; kid in front of us tells us "mom's not going to believe me" and eventually he snaps a couple photos of the lights half turned off with his cell and records audio of one of the announcements; someone in front of us who was on his way to the airport ends up playing a one-on-one DS game with someone he didn't previously know across the seat from him; I lament my leaving my DS in the hotel safe since I didn't expect to have time to play it, but end up reading a book Peter purchased in Japantown
* Got to West Oakland and met up [ profile] kest (erm, I think I just changed tense somewhere up above...); stopped at Lucky Ju Ju for some fun; toured [ profile] kest's place and met her kiii~
* Took BART back; waiting too long for a bus; got back to hotel; passed the fuck out

* Woke up late; bathed my achey muscles (feeling oogy, might be slightly sick, but I'm going to have fun, dammit!); about to leave for Japantown (haven't had enough time/spent enough money there yet ^_~)
* Eating with [ profile] japolo and [ profile] chimeraefae at Schroeder's German Restaurant

Okay... Japantown time! See ye'll later!

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