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This past Sunday, [ profile] hellsop and I went to a sake tasting at Nanakusa. We were already familiar with a few of the sakes, but we tried them again, and took notes just the same. The following are my quick notes (err... scribbles) from the tasting. Keep in mind that they are in order of tasting and later tastes may have been influences by previous sakes and well, frankly, being under the influence thereof. ;}

Ozeki (California) Ozeki Sake (U.S.A.) Inc.
Handout notes: Typical nigori style, very sweet and flavor of rice
My notes: Slightly sweet, low acid, medium to full body, cloudy

Kikusakari "Kurashizuku" (Ibaraki) Kiuchi Brewery
Handout notes: Chrysanthemum "Brewery dew" -- Light nigori with a hint of effervescence
My notes: Intially sweet -> slightly dry tail, slight tart, "clean"

Tozai "Voices in the Mist" (Osaka) Daimon Brewery
Handout notes: "Voices in the Mist" -- Ginjo quality light nigori sake
My notes: Lots of presence. Flowery, slightly sweeter than previous, "clean"

Kikusakari "Tarusake" (Ibaraki) Kiuchi Brewery
Handout notes: "Cask aged"
My notes: No scent, very little presence, very slight sweet, reminds me of a taste I can't recall/describe... 'silky'?

All Kouji
Kikusakari "Zen Kouji" (Ibaraki) Kiuchi Brewery
Handout notes: All koji sake, very sweet with a high acidity
My notes: Slight "scaley" scent, incredible presence, extremely clean, quite sweet with slight tart

Yamadanishiki (Hyogo) Ozeki Sake (U.S.A.) Inc. Imported
Handout notes: Named for the most common sake rice -- Dry style.
My notes: Extremely faint rice scent, clean with slight sweet tail, full-bodied/first with 'legs'

Otokoyama (Hokkaido) OTOKOYAMA CO.,LTD
Handout notes: Man's Mountain - name of mountain in Hokkaido. Brewery established in 1661.
My notes: (Kimoto rather than export IIRC) Scent is slightly tangy/slightly clean, dry, kind of earthy, slight bitter, crisp tail

Momokawa Diamond (Oregon) SakéOne
Handout notes: Balanced, mineral elements
My notes: Very little scent, much tang, slightly sweet tail -- bonus note as I had a become more influenced... persuaded even: "I like :)"

Hananomai (Shizuoka) Hananomai Shuzo Co., Ltd.
Handout notes: Dancing Flowers -- Light and floral. Brewed with Mount Fuji spring water.
My notes: (Second to bottom on site linked above, or seen on this person's Flickr.) Floral and sweet scent; sweet with quick, clean tail

Sawanoi (Tokyo) Sawanoi Brewery (I couldn't find it on the page I expected, but here is another person's experiences with this one.)
Handout notes: Spring Creek -- Light, floral, clean.
My notes: Rich; sweet, but not overbearing / well-balanced -- bonus note again: "I like :)"

Bishonen (Kumanoto) Bishonen Shuzo Co., Ltd.
Handout notes: Handsom Lad -- Complex, clean, balanced.
My notes: Minor 'maritime' scent, fruity and slightly... ? (something I couldn't explain / "try again with cleaner palette"), clean tail -- one more time: "I like :)"

Shirataki "Jozen Mizunogotoshi" (Niigata) Shirataki Shuzo Co., Ltd
Handout notes: White Snow -- Slightly dry, long tail.
Spoken notes: "One of the best sake-producing areas..."
My notes: Slight rice scent, slightly dry, slightly earthy, lingering tail -- last time I wrote this: "I like :)"

Kurosawa -- first listed under For U.S.A. (Nagano) Kurosawa Sake Brewery Co. LTD.
Handout notes: Black Creek -- Very clean, anise flavor.
My notes: Vaguely must (not in a bad way) scent; clean to start, sweet and fungal follows; very earthy presence

Wakatake "Onikoroshi" (Shizuoka) Oomuraya Shuzoba Co., Ltd.
Handout notes: Young Bamboo "Demon Slayer" -- Dry, full-bodied, earthy.
My notes: Slightly floral and slightly earthy scent; sweet and floral with an earthy base

(Holy wow, this took a long time to write up! Hours! I hope someone appreciates it...)

With dinner tonight I enjoyed Hakutsuru Superior Sake "Junmai Ginjo" (Kobe / Hakutsuru Sake Brewing Co.) It is light-bodied and dry.


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Pirate bakeoff now... then sleep. :D :D

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