Mar. 1st, 2009 12:28 pm
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This past Wednesday, Peter and I were at Nanakusa.

We learned about TY KU.

Milwaukee has a publication called Alcoholmanac Magazine. I had never seen it before (apparently the current issue is Vol 2 Issue 3; issue 9 overall), but had picked it up at Milwaukee Ale House, our usual Happy Hour stop before Nanakusa is open for dinner. While paging through the magazine at dinner, I came across a page of drink recipes. One of the recipes was for a drink called "Clean Your Slate."

1.5 oz 42 Below Original
1 oz Lemonade
1 oz TY KU (A sake-like Asian Liqueur)
2-dashes Regan's Orange Bitters
2-dashes Rose Water

Shake & garnish with lemon zest

"TY KU?" I question Peter. "Whazzat?"
"I dunno," he replies.
"Hmm... I wonder if Richard (Nanakusa's owner) knows..." I think aloud.
"Richard!" Peter calls to the end of the bar, while he motions Richard over. "Hey, do you know what TY KU is?"
Richard thinks for a moment. "Oh, oh yeah... wait a moment!" He fetches a green, glowing bottle from where some of the wines are stored.
"..." "???" The bartender is confused; having never heard of TY KU nor seen this bottle.
Richard sets the bottle down. It stops glowing. He picks up the bottle, and the bottle glows again. Up-down-up-down. Heh.

According to the ProductWiki:
"TY KU is a new beverage that improves on traditional liqueurs in that its made of sake. It successfully blends a high alcohol content with healthy benefits such as Asian pears, pomegranates, herbs, ginseng, and damania. It comes packaged in a choice of unique bottle options and a soon-to-be released all-black bottle. Smooth, potent, and healthy."

Our alcohol knowledge is kept current. Whee!

geek. ^_^

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