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2009-03-21 Midwest Gaming Classic Yesterday Peter and I went to the Midwest Gaming Classic at the Olympia Resort Center in Oconomowoc. Every year this thing has been getting bigger (so many unshowered masses and 'weekender' geeks, ack!), and in my opinion "badder" -- not in the good way. Yes, it still has pinball and arcades, but every year, the video games take over.

I liked the first couple of years we went when it was ~three small rooms full of mostly pinball and some arcades. Peter bought the Whirlwind machine during one of those years. He was actually semi-interested in buying another, if the right one appeared this year... but... the only interesting machine was listed "NFS." Ah well. Another time, another year. This year also brought the first "con chick in costume" I have seen, but I'm not sure sure what $random_anime_character has to do with pinball or arcades. I didn't look too closely though, perhaps it was $random_video_game_character. Meh.

Anywho, we played some pins, said hello to Dave (the guy Peter bought Whirlwind from several years back now), and picked up a couple business cards (scans of which are the only other thing in the photo album this year since I wasn't interested in taking photos really). :D We'll see what the future holds for Midwest Gaming Classic. It has been an interesting evolution so far.

Tonight it's off to Nanakusa for a sake tasting. I still have to get my notes up from the last one...

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