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Yoinked a few days ago from the wonderful [ profile] cavalorn:
... and then


Having only played with the kanji game I mentioned yesterday a bit this morning and afternoon during the commute to/from work, here is what I would like to say so far:
This game was released in April 5, 2007, the company also released a newer version on November 29, 2007.

The most important thing the new version contains, that the version I have does not, is a dictionary from the writing training page. (From what I have read, the newer version also has more kanji.) The version I have only has writing practice and comprehension exercises. Therefore, the user either needs another DS with the dictionary, which I also purchased; a physical dictionary; or needs to be studying meanings and pronounciations seperately from using the software. I have discovered one such site that is useful to study while using the software, because it seperates the kanji into the years it is learned. The game teaches kanji learned in grades 1 through 6. Here is first year kanji on one helpful site: This is useful when working on comprehension quizzes. For example, the first kanji in the quizzes is "子." The game first displays kanji and asks the user to write in the hiragana (e.g. "子犬" is displayed and the user writes "こいぬ"), then it displays the hiragana and the user must use the nice handwriting they worked on to write the kanji.

I have a few more thoughts floating around in my brainmeats so far. I may write those up tomorrow -- you could get these thoughts in bits and pieces, or I might write up a full review including the thoughts above, the other thoughts, and future thoughts. *shrugs* At this point, I don't know.

I catch up on sleep now (otherwise I would write up those other thoughts now)! Yatta!

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