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A follow-up to my previous post about Bella...

"UPDATE 7/13/09 -- Bella made a trip up to the vet school in Madison last week. They agreed with the first orthopedic specialist on both the extend of damage to Bella's legs and to the total cost. They also said that if Bella was made to continue to live this way, she would end up with extremely painful arthritis. Despite her very difficult start in life Bella remains sweet and affectionate. Please help us take care of this wonderful cat."

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Please spare any $ you can... you can donate via Happy Endings' website.
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Several years ago, Peter and I shared our home with the two beautiful rescued kitties you see in my userpic, Natalie and Rita. I saw them at Petfinder, and they were living together in a large cage for two years at Happy Endings No Kill Animal Shelter.

Today, as I do every few months, I went to Petfinder to see which other kitties are still waiting for homes. (In particular, I keep checking in to see if a cute kitty I spied a few years back, named Ming, is still there... she is.)

I saw another kitty today, whose story breaks my heart. Bella's previous owners (likely) abused her, and she needs $6k-8k worth of work to fix her up.

If you feel heartbroken and/or giving today, send $5 or so to a good kitty who deserves a better life! You can donate via the PayPal button on the Happy Endings' website.

Bella on

UPDATE 6/12/09 -- Bella made her first trip to the orthopedic specialist yesterday. The vet stated that she may have jumped, fell or been thrown from a high height. That is how she broke her legs. Unfortunately she not old has damage to the bones in her legs, but also the ligaments. That means her surgery will be more than we first thought. According to the estimate it will be $3,000 - $4,000 to fix each leg. That is a grand total of $6,000 - $8,000. We are committed to making the best decisions to give this wonderful girl a full life, can you please help us to make sure she gets the care she needs?

UPDATE 5/29/09 -- A recent trip to the vet revealed that both of Bella's front legs were broken at least a month ago. This sweet girl now needs your help to get the vet care she needs. The surgery is around $2000, and we need help paying for the surgery. She is so young and so sweet we can not allow her to spend the rest of her life this way. Won't you please send us a least a few dollars to help Bella? Bella's name sure fits her. She is not only cute, but she is special.

Bella's front paws do not work very well. She appears to have been born this way, but she was rescued from an abusive home. We are not sure what this little lady went though, but we are sure of one thing, we will never let her get hurt again.

-- Description as taken from Petfinder

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Kazuki, Isamu, Katsu, 89 other survivors and counting...
Join me in donating to help care for the furry survivors of yet another sad story of living in the house of hoarders. :-\ Every tax-deductable dollar helps! Regardless, give your kitty/ies extra love and treats for making the world a better place. Thanks!

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