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I was obviously in the bachelor line (it was the 15 or less line) at Pick n' Slave just a moment ago.

The customer three in front of me had the makings for a nice dinner of three boxes of cereal and milk. The next guy had salad and sammich makings (don't recall if he had milk). The guy in front of me had potato chips and milk. (How sad for him... even I can do better than that. :p) I had noodles (I always eat 'em and they were half-price, woo!), mandarin oranges (to replace the ones I already ate), paper towels (ooh, cleanliness!), honey ham, club rolls (see, I can make sammiches, too -- and we already have cheese), hamburger patties (thinking ahead for tomorrow's fud), mushrooms (also on sale!), and milk (already have that)... beer (the last 4-pack of New Glaurus Unplugged Bourbon Barrel Bock I saw in the main store). :9 I win!

To be fair, there was a couple four in front of me... and I don't know if they got milk or beer. ;}

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Clicky the image to go to the full photo album...

Great Taste of the Midwest 2007 (aka Beer fest)
Great Taste of the Midwest 2007 preview


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Rock... my pre-order of Rasputina's "Oh Perilous World" arrived today. :D

Also, at the request of [ profile] the_macross I joined Twitter yesterday. (If you want to know what is going on with me in nibbles, read that page... or join Twitter yourself and see how easy it is to update and read about your friends lives in a short amount of time. ^_^)

And on Tuesday, our new kegerator arrived. It already has cold Sprecher Maibock in it. :D

Lastly, I will say more about the next piece of info eventually in a future entry. I ended up purchasing a 8700g BlackBerry to replace the lost phone. Leave your addresses if you have one (or email it to me if you prefer) so I have a bigger list of people to babble at while I'm at work. ;}

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